Greg Nudelman guides participants through using low-fidelity paper prototyping techniques to envision, design, and test an Apple and/or Android wearable app coupled with a corresponding mobile app.

Bring your ideas, and walk away with wireframes.™

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Course Details:

In Lean UX for Wearables you will follow along with bite-sized video instruction and practical course activities (along with occasionally witty banter) through a step-by-step process of creating a prototype for your wearable app. In this course you will learn and practice five skills for successful Lean UX Wearable design:

1. Envision: tell a truly compelling wearable product story your team will fall in love with… even if you never sketched before.
2. Design: create a clean, consistent wearable interface that adheres to Apple Watch/Android Wear guidelines yet also reflects your app’s unique personality… so you clearly stand out from competition.
3. Prototype: easily draw mobile and tablet wireframes with sticky notes, so you can quickly test your design ideas directly with your potential users… and save *months* by designing and prototyping at the same time.
4. User-Test: learn to ask non-leading questions while getting to the core of the problem in 5 minutes or less… so you can test 20 participants before lunch and return to the office with a proven design.
5. Collaborate: integrate research and design seamlessly into the heart of any dev process… and never again hear that “user research is too expensive and time consuming”.

What you’ll do:

  • Watch short videos (3-12 minutes) that explain Wearable design principals and Lean UX methodologies
  • Learn how to apply Lean UX Wearables design thinking through carefully chosen video case studies
  • Meet privately with your instructor, Greg Nudelman, during one-on-one laser coaching sessions to review your designs and get unstuck if needed
  • Connect with a global community of learners around provoking discussion questions, supported by your instructor
  • Practice key concepts through interactive activities: visioning, designing, prototyping, user testing, team communication
  • Apply what you learn to a project challenge: designing your own wearable app for Apple Watch or Android Wear
  • See and learn from how others approach their projects
  • Give feedback on your classmates’ ideas and get their input on yours
  • Get your questions answered and get instant feedback on your designs live during weekly online office hours

Taste of the Learning Experience:

In this video lesson from the course, Greg Nudelman shares how to build a simple wearable Lean UX Prototype of the Apple Watch phone app in under 5 minutes:

Time Requirement:

The course is 100% on-line, self-paced over six weeks: you decide how much time you want to invest based on your goals, which might be to:

  • Watch and reflect (30-60 minutes per week): Deepen your understanding through course videos and online forum discussions
  • Practice (1-3 hours per week): Apply what you learn to activities and assignments (visioning, designing, prototyping and user testing)
  • Create (you decide): Generate ideas and develop a prototype by applying course lessons to a project challenge — designing your own wearable app for Apple Watch and/or Android Wear and a corresponding mobile app

What You’ll Get:

  • A flexible Lean UX skill set that will help you envision, prototype and iterate on your wearable and mobile ideas with your potential customers and communicate effectively with your team
  • 3 Personal, one-on-one 20-minute Laser Coaching Sessions with Greg Nudelman with detailed reviews of your designs
  • Weekly group Office Hours (twice weekly for 6 weeks)
  • $1 Prototype e-book (PDF, Mobi, ePUB) that captures the lessons of the course for you to apply long after it closes
  • Lifetime access to all course videos and materials
  • Completed work that you can share with others
  • A Certificate of Completion and course badge to post to your professional network
  • A network of peers that spans across industries and functions

110-percent-money-back-guarantee110% Money Back Guarantee
I stand behind my product! If you are dissatisfied for any reason, or your plans simply change, I will personally give you 110% of your money back for up to 7 days after the start of this 6-week course. The $1 Prototype e-book will also be yours to keep. That’s how confident I am that you will love it. The only thing I ask, is that you give my course a serious try: that is, turn in the first assignment. That’s it. If after that you don’t love my course, I’ll give you back all your money PLUS 10%. How’s that for fair?

Taste of the Take-Aways:

In this video shot after Greg’s 4th consecutive SXSW (South-by-SouthWest Conference) Lean UX Mobile Design workshop, attendees share their learning experience and take-aways:

About Your Instructor

OReilly Video Shoot Purple GregGreg Nudelman is a Mobile and Tablet Experience Strategist, Fortune 500 Advisor, Author/Speaker and CEO. He is often called “the hardest working man in UX business”. For over 17 years he has helped his clients Intuit, Oracle, Cisco, eBay, USAA, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Associated Press and Groupon amass millions of satisfied customers. Greg recently helped Intuit get 6 of their apps featured in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Internationally acclaimed design workshop leader, certified Google Mentor and accredited graduate course instructor, Greg authored 4 UX books and a video course on UX sketching for O’Reilly Media.

What our Learners are Saying

Laura_Corbett“I wanted thank you for teaching such a great class. I learned A TON and you definitely confirmed my passion for UX… Thanks to your UX class and knowledge that you shared with us, I actually landed a great internship at Propane Studio in SF as a UX Designer! So thank you for opening my eyes into the UX world!!!”
Laura Corbett
Designer & Content Marketing at Houzz,

ahmed Samir“Greg gave a course (Advanced user experience) at Hult international school that I found it extremely valuable and useful for my career development . He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and subject knowledge and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions, Greg is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious and will add a great value for any place he will go!”
Ahmed Samir
Community and Content Manager at Ministry of Petroleum, Egypt

Talya Carrie“I’m going to be working with someone you know – Skip A.! I interviewed with him last week. We were laughing about your sense of humor and the class. I thought its probably nice for you to know where you alumni students end up. Taking your class was one of the best things I did to jump my career forward. For that I am ever so grateful for your time and energy :)”
Talya Carrie
UX Designer at Mobiquity, Inc.

dana lynn“I took Greg’s $1 Dollar Prototype workshop in September of 2016 at the Big Design Conference in Dallas. The workshop influenced me a great deal. I used Greg’s process to prototype a mobile experience that I designed for my Masters in HCI capstone. I highly recommend Greg’s workshops, books and other educational offerings. He is undoubtedly an expert in the mobile UX space and an influencer as well. He also put in a good word for me for a recent job offer, which was super kind!”
Dana Lynn
Principal Designer at Tonic3, the UX division of W3

anastasia walia“I took Greg’s SFSU UXD course. Greg was extremely helpful in giving me the guidance to make my career transition from sales to UXD. He continued to help me after the course was over and is still to this day someone I can turn to for advice. It took a lot of work, drive, and focus but today I am a UX Designer for a San Francisco startup. I recommend his course for anyone who is looking to become a designer or wanting to become a better designer. I would have done this sooner but I’ve been traveling the world. Working remote, I wouldn’t have had this flexibility as a sales person! Thanks for all the help and I hope the recommendation helps out!”
Anastasia Walia
UX Designer at SyncUp Communications, Inc.

will krause“Greg is an excellent UX/UI design instructor – I enjoyed his UX/UI Design class at SF State. His class helped to teach me about planning mobile products in a way that saves time, low-cost paper prototyping and testing of mobile designs, working in an Agile design team, and presenting the results. Taking Greg's class really helped to open doors for me in my professional career.”
Will Krause
Exhibit Designer at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

tetyana krekh“Greg worked on our initial design for the site. I found him to be professional, insightful and easy to work with. He was very attentive to our needs and requirements and produced quality results (TravelTipz recently beat out TripAdvisor in the Russian market.) I recommend Greg for his expertise in UI and for his diligent work.”
Tetyana Hrekh
CEO, TravelTipz

bryan tinsley“Greg’s design suggestions, which included thumbnail images, helped conversion quite a bit. Soon our competition copied and, in some cases, upgraded their search. All the new search interfaces, however, were limited in the amount of image data they could show at one time. That led us, using Greg’s original ideas, to the idea of a thumbnail of a thumbnail. In our industry and for our type of images I think it is very valuable information. Greg was able to provide very insightful ideas with a limited knowledge of our company and based on a few brief conversations. I am also a big fan of his book, Designing Search.”
Bryan Tinsley
VP Marketing at Novus Biologicals, LLC

Yossi_Ghinsberg“Happy to give a big recommendation as per your direction on LinkedIn. Yes, we are still with 500 Startups and we’ve raised form them $100k… no problem disclosing. We’ve also had our first appearance in TechCrunch… Thank you again for being our Advisor!”
Yossi Ghinsberg
Co-Founder & CEO , BLINQ

vincent“Thanks for a great workshop on wearables at the O’Reilly Design conference in SF! Looking forward to dig deeper in this field.”
Vincent Meyer
Software Developer at Sonova, Zürich Area, SwitzerlandMedical Device

Elymar Apao“Greg was very friendly and gave us insights on the current trends with the Android User Interfaces. This was part of our product management & development training in Dubai. He displayed a thorough understanding of this particular topic and even shared us some of his resource materials.”
Elymar Apao
UX Manager at OLX

Shri Jambhekar“I had a chance to take Greg’s Mobile Agile UX workshop recently. As a world class subject matter expert and author in Mobile UX design, Greg’s knowledge of the subject is profound and his ability to explain complex concepts is outstanding. Greg is very hands-on in his approach and was able to help significantly enhance my knowledge about Agile approach to UX design. I strongly recommend Greg’s book and his workshop to those that seek to become proficient in the area”
Shri Jambhekar
Director, User Experience Design & Research at YP

Tatiana Miller“Greg is a top-notch user experience professional who is industry recognized and highly regarded. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about Android design. He delivers high quality products that I was extremely happy with. I would recommend working with Greg.”
Tatiana Miller
Director of Experience Architecture and Design, USAA

ananda ghosh“I really appreciated Greg’s class and book, and am putting concepts from it to great use in my product work.”
Ananda Ghosh
Senior Director of Product Management, SocialChorus

daria kempka“Greg’s Designing for Mobile workshop at Marquette was the best hands-on workshop I’ve attended this year. In seven hours, Greg loaded us up with useful tools and design patterns sharing the knowledge he gained designing for firms like E-bay, Groupon, and Wells Fargo. He really knows his stuff. I highly recommend his workshop.”
Daria (Siegel) Kempka
Director of Digital Strategy at Marquette University

dante moore“Greg brings fresh out-of-the-box thinking to the UX design process and truly understands what it means to put the customer first. The wealth of experience he brings to the table from designing successful search and e-commerce systems is invaluable. He’s a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.”
Dante Moore
Senior UX Design Consultant at QED Financial Systems

Margie Deeb“Greg’s workshop at the O’Reilly Design Conference 2016, “Practical Lean UX for Wearables,” was a valuable, hands-on class on prototyping. I learned concepts and techniques I’ll apply to designing for more than wearables. Greg’s communication skills and passion made the class enjoyable as well as valuable. I recommend his workshops and classes to all UX and UI designers.”
Margie Deeb
Designer, Writer, Author, Art Director

joshua deford“Not only is Greg a really good guy, with an easy smile, a great laugh, and keen sense of humor, he is one of the most talented UX designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He’s a real design master- deeply experienced in the art and science of human computer interaction.”
Joshua DeFord
VP of Marketing, Eastwind Networks

Lucrecia Carreras“The LeanUX mobile-first design course allowed me to gain understanding of the importance of a efficiently designed site and provided me with the tools to implement it. During a very dynamic and hands-on course I was guided to analyze, recommend and implement changes in order to improve navigability and ease of use in different sites.”
Lucrecia Carreras
Marketing Director at Adistec, Hult Alumni

marti gold“I first met Greg at his all-day, hands-on seminar at SXSW 2013 promoting “Android Design Patterns.” While many experts speak in vague generalities and buzzwords, within minutes it was apparent that Greg had a true mastery of his subject. His seminars, and his books, are for people who want straight talk and solid, detailed visual examples of mobile UI best practices.
There is an anecdote from that event which, to me, illustrated both Greg’s outstanding personal character and his genuine interest in expanding his own knowledge: At one point, not knowing I was in the audience, he showed one of my designs as an example of ‘asking for unnecessary information.’ At the next break, I stopped and introduced myself, and explained why that particular form field was indeed important as it impacted the prices a customer would see. Rather than just smiling and dismissing that information as most speakers would have done, when the session restarted he asked for the whole room’s attention. He then told everyone about our conversation and even went back to that slide to show the visual in question — and emphasized why it was important that all designers fully understand business requirements before passing judgements. In my experience, only a small handful of authors would have done that.
Therefore, if you are looking for an author/speaker for internal staff training, consulting, or upcoming UX event, I recommend Greg and his books very highly. He is able to effectively and rapidly communicate real world UI solutions that can immediately improve any mobile application design.”

Marti Gold
Managing Director of User Experience, Tonic3

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
Course starts on March 16 and goes till April 22. Once the course starts, there are weekly on-line office hours twice a week at different times. However, you can take as long as you like to finish the course and course materials and videos have lifetime availability.

Is this an online course, or a course in an actual location?
This course is 100% on-line.

How long will I have access to course materials?
You will have lifetime access to all video lessons, recordings and course materials. (That is, there will be no more group sessions or 1:1 coaching after April 22nd, but you will have lifetime access to all of the recordings.)

What will I need to access the course?
You will be able to access course lessons via streaming video on your desktop, mobile or tablet via web browser or app.
To access office hours sessions, you will need to use GoToWebinar, which works with most browsers but may require a small plugin to work with your computer. You will be submitting exercises for evaluation and participate in the community using a web forum.

Is Certificate of Completion included?
Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after you turn in your final project and a badge you can post on your website and social network profiles. You may take as long as you like to turn in your final project.

Is there a deadline? Do I have to complete lessons and assignments before some date?
No. There are no deadlines. This is a self-paced course, designed for a busy professional. Which means you can view the lessons at any time and take as long as you wish to complete the assignments and turn them in to get feedback and your course completion certificate.

What if I miss an office hours session?
Office hours sessions occur twice a week for 6 weeks. They are for answering your questions and providing live feedback on selected designs and to add value to your lessons by having an open discussion with instructor and other students. It is not necessary to attend office hours to finish the course. Besides, all office hours sessions are recorded, so if you miss one or two you can simply watch them later.

What time will the office hours sessions be held?
Office hours sessions will be held twice a week at different times, when the majority of students can attend the sessions. Office hours session time will vary from week to week to make every effort to accommodate all time zones. If you don’t see the session at a convenient time, just attend the one next week. You can always review the recording or ask instructor any (reasonable) number of questions in the forum or during your 3 included one-on-one laser coaching sessions.

What are laser coaching sessions?
Laser coaching sessions are intensive one-on-one private 20-minute meetings with your instructor and coach, Greg Nudelman. You are free to use your individual sessions to review your designs, interviewing techniques, team management and communication practices, and really anything else you need to work through to crush any barriers that stand in the way of your subject mastery. You get 3 laser coaching sessions in this course to enable rapid progress through course material and ensure your success.

Do I have to be an experienced designer to take this course?
No. Anyone can take the course and get tremendous value. However, the course is optimized for an intermediate level: someone who has done some UX design, coding or product management in the past, but wishes to get hands-on practice designing for wearables and in using Lean UX Principles.

What materials will I need for this course?
You will need 3 packs of sticky notes: 1 1/2 x 1 7/8 inch, 3 x 3 inch and 3 x 5 inch and some pencils or pens in 3-4 colors. These can be had for about $5 at any office supply store or on (detailed instructions will be provided). All other course materials are included (Instructional Videos, Lessons, $1 Prototype e-book, Forum and more.)

Do I need to have a wearable device?
No. But it is recommended that you get one. Fortunately, basic wearable devices like lower-end FitBit are available for under $50. If you really don’t want to purchase a wearable device, we recommend you visit an Apple Store or an electronics store like BestBuy in your area regularly during the 6 weeks of class and “play” with a wearable device to get familiar with various features and capabilities.

How will this course benefit me in my career?
Most students find that after taking this course they are much more confident in innovating within their company, and their design thinking helps them stand out. Thus they are more likely to get first dibs on strategic wearable, mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) design projects with high management visibility, so they more likely to get promoted. Many of my Hult, Marquette U and SFSU students reached their career goals becoming Creative Directors, UX Directors and Product Managers. We provide valuable, actionable skills — where your ambition will take you is up to you.

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